The Movies List


Movies you probably haven't seen that are worth your time.

What sets this list apart?

The list of movies on this site has been crafted from decades of loving movies and taking note of hidden gems that most people pass up or don't hear about.

I provide recommendations for you that require an actual human being to measure a list of subjective and objective criteria on a per-movie basis in comparisons to what's popular and what's entertaining to watch.

What movies make the cut?

Worth your time

Some movies are funny, others are scary, and a few are great. My main focus is to answer this question, "Was that movie worth someone's time?"

You may find a new favorite movie from my list, or you may not. Either way, I strive to keep from wasting your time. Your time is valuable.

It's hard to define in totally what I use to determine this because I've developed a sort of sense for movies that meet this criteria from decades of watching a variety of movies and interviewing people on their thoughts surrounding movies they've seen.

I plan to eventually write an article going into the inner workings of how I qualify a movie. I will link it here when it's ready.

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Lesser known

You don't need anyone to recommend Star Wars because you've already heard of it. The idea of this site is there are so many great movies that you've never heard of.

Some movies on the list are more popular, but they're eaither so good I feel the need to include them, or I've repeatedly heard people tell me they've never seen them.

Who am I?

My name is Butler Fuqua. I'm a lover of movies and an aspiring Filmmaker. God willing, I hope to eventually write and direct my own movie.

I've spent a great portion of my life watching movies, and I've really grown to appreciate the great ones.

It fascinates me that there is so many movies to watch, yet it is so difficult to find one that's worth my time. Thankfully for you, you have me to filter out the junk and post the hidden gems on this site.